Welcome to Anthromekagogy!

Our goal is simple: To create human / machine learning success stories, one design at a time.


Since we started in 2012, the AMG Center has been helping designers develop learning content that leverages the human / technology relationship. We do this through an approach that values the contributions of both humans and technology as an integrated partnership for the most experiential learning possible today.

Our Founder

Richard Kristof, founded the AMG Center in 2012. He brings specialized experience in advanced learning technologieslearn more


  • Instructional Design 3.0
  • Neurotech for learning
  • Scenario design and modeling
  • Trials and testing for interactions

What is AMG?

Anthromekagogy  is the art and science of human / machine learning design read more

Our Think Tank

Because AMG is a new science, we are assembling some of the industry's most passionate thinkers.

Please join us.  read more

The art and science of human / machine learning design